Shornda is real

Lolo has an imaginary friend. Her name is Shornda. She has a baby sister/brother/ungendered sibling named Kevin (she can never decide), and her parents are always hanging out at our house when we aren’t home so they can take care of Kevin while Shornda hangs out with us wherever we are going.

Lolo makes up some pretty awesome names. Shornda is our favorite, and it’s the one name that has been consistent. We used to laugh about it because it is really a funny name, but let me tell you something. I am grateful for Shornda.

If you have kids who can’t communicate their feelings, encourage them to have an imaginary friend. It’s kind of awesome to see how Lolo is able to articulate complicated emotions and experiences by projecting them on Shornda.

Lolo doesn’t have nightmares, but Shornda does, which Lolo tells me about in vivid detail (relayed, of course, from Shornda). When her feelings are hurt, I hear Lolo processing her feelings and emotions through conversations with her little invisible buddy. It started out as a weird quirk but over time I have actually come to feel very grateful for Shornda and her role in my tenderhearted girl’s life.

I do feel like I have an extra kid though. The other day we were leaving and Lola freaked out that we left “be out” Shornda. I had to go back home, open the van door, and let Shornda in before we were good to go again. Bless you, Shornda, you weird little thing.



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