I can climb hard things!

Hello again! Today’s Sunday hike took me to Cecret Lake. Long story short: I got pretty emotional driving up and was pretty emotional the whole way. What’s wrong with me?

I was just going to hike to the Albion Meadows and then back down, but I got to the meadow, saw the sign for Cecret Lake, and decided to do that too. Albion Meadows is a meadow about halfway up the mountain that is ridiculous with the wildflowers. It was literally breathtaking. That is a really weird word to say, but honestly, it fits. I turned the first corner off the trailhead and hiked a few feet up a hill and BAM. My phone camera was basically a failure at capturing it, but I did try for a few. Here you go.

All the way up and there’s a lake. Not so secret, which is why I think it’s spelled with a C. The National Parks Service knew they weren’t fooling anyone. Clever fellas. I saw a woodpecker, many chipmunks, many squirrels, and nigh on 15,000 salamanders. I ate lunch there. The pudding was a mistake.

As I jiggled back down, I met a guy on his way up the switchbacks. He had a contraption on his knee like he had recently had surgery. So of course I asked him, “What the hell are you doing on top of a mountain!?” He said, “I’ve got to be active. Once you stop being active, your life stops too.”

I don’t know if he was trying to be infinitely wise or not, but I felt like it really was. I hadn’t realized that until I started shedding my old life, before I made the conscious decision to stop conforming and try something new, I felt like I was finally actually living. The hikes have helped enormously. Even my new life was starting to feel a little stagnant. But I feel like I was finally active in my own life and realized how small my life had been before. Anyway. More words.

Stuff to bring next time:

  • Hand sanitizer: I touched salamanders and then touched a sandwich (and ate it, yes I did). I don’t feel good about it. I went to the potty at the Meadow. The hand sanitizer in the restroom was out. I don’t feel good about that either.

Oh, I guess that’s it. Except it’s Gratuitous Selfie Time!


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