Yo. Most women will post on their About page how they are married and have a bunch of kids who are the light of their lives. I am married with two daughters who were named after characters with no redeeming qualities. (I do hope my nonfictional namesakes turn out better.) I do like my husband and daughters most days, but I have a hard time devoting massive blog posts to them.

So in other words, you won’t see a lot of “30 reasons I love my husband” on here. You won’t see me posting my daughters’ height and weight every few months, like Rottweilers at an American Kennel Club trial. If you want to know how much they weigh, come on over and pick them up. Carry them around for a while. While you’re at it, take them to the park. Give the tiny one a bottle. Shoot the breeze. See if I care.

What you are more likely to see is a lot of get-up-on-my-soapbox and say things. I feel a lot and I feel pretty hard, and combined with my flare for hyperbole, it’s going to get a whole lot of ugly up in here on occasion. This is what I do.

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