dd’s tale

If you're turned off by birth stories, or words like placenta make you nervous, click here to be redirected to anywhere else.  Daphne (also: Deedee) was born on Wednesday at 11:40 am after about 6 hours of blissfully ignorant pain free labor. As almost everyone knows by now, she was in various breech positions the last … Continue reading dd’s tale


36 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: I'm SO uncomfortable. She is measuring a couple weeks bigger than what is normal for right now, and breech. So it's hard to come up with a lot of great things to say about pregnancy right now, but I'll say this: Pregnancy overall is such an awesome thing to experience. The things Heavenly Father … Continue reading 36 weeks

34 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: I had an ultrasound today. She's a big ol' baby with lots of hair. I love it. How far along: 34 weeks Size of baby: “Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (about the size of a cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long.” Except she's 5.5 pounds now and her head is enormous. So … Continue reading 34 weeks

Showed him

On a walk today, a little yorkie started following us, barking. Loafers turned around in her seat in the wagon and shouted, "You can't stop US, little dog!" She's the man.

32 weeks

Is 32 weeks the same as 8 months? AM I EIGHT MONTHS PREGO RIGHT NOW? Pregnancy Highlights: Officially less than 2 months away now. While being pregnant is a definite highlight, I have been super uncomfortable the past week or so and it's wearing on me bad. I'm okay usually as long as I'm walking or … Continue reading 32 weeks

Kid jokes

She has been in a jokey mood lately and thinks she is super funny. Here is yesterday: Hey Mom, am I still sick? No, you're not still sick. Yes, I mam (my favorite loafism--mam, not am), Mom. I'm sicks. Oh, you are? Yeah, Mom, I mam. Mom, it's sicks o'clock right now. Ladies and gentlemen, … Continue reading Kid jokes