bored. depressed. don’t care.

When people ask me how I'm doing, I know I should say, "Fine." And I usually do. I think there has only been one person who asked me that and I told her I was bored or depressed or something, but that I didn't care enough to actually figure it out. To that person, I probably … Continue reading bored. depressed. don’t care.


therapy x 2

Am I the only one who gets weepy about therapy? Dang thing changed me. And not changed me. Changed me back. There, that's how I want to say it. I was me, then I tried on someone else for a while, and now I'm me again. I saw a therapist after my divorce, and I … Continue reading therapy x 2


I recently deleted my Facebook account. I changed my email address, Instagram (have to keep something, I guess), deleted Twitter, deleted the blogs I was following. Why? Because anonymity. And the following problems I would like to address: Problems with Transparency I was posting a lot on social media. Too much. I like to not … Continue reading changes